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How to find shops & mini-marts near your house

Posted in tutorial

This example shows how to find Myanmar shops and mini-marts near your house.

Let's say, you are staying at block 338 clementi ave 2. You just need your postal code to do the search.

Step 1) Select the Category "Shops / Mini-Marts" from Category drop down list as shown below.


Step 2) Type "Singapore Your house postal code" (Example "Singapore 120338" ),  in the Address/ Postal Code Box.


Step 3) Click "Search" button and the results will appear as shown below.

Results on map

Your house location(Singapore 120338 in this example) will be shown using blue dot and results will be shown using icons.


Listing results

Result are sorted by distance from the nearest to your house location.


You can click on the icon of the results to show the store name and distance from your house.


Note: You can adjust the search distance (km) by adjusting the slider.